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What Should You Expect the First Time At Oil Rig Job

Even though offshore jobs tend to be physical, most big companies tend to provide their workers the ability to relax, because it could be demanding without it. For instance, most employees may find themselves living in offshore living quarters that meet five-star hotel standards.

You will find yourself in the middle of the ocean, but the company you work for will take care of laundry and board expenses as well as food, transfer and travel costs so that you can rest assured all the way.

Since you can find a wide array of jobs when it comes to offshore oil rig projects, you should know about its details and what can you expect when you enter the rig. The range of employment include:

  • Driller – It is the least paid job, and it requires the most physical activity. Apart from drillers, they are searching for motormen, roughnecks, floormen, mudmen and other activities that require exceptional physical strength and everything that goes with it.
  • Assistant Driller – This is also an essential part of the employment because you will be able to learn everything so that you can become better in the future. Apart from assistants, they are searching for storekeepers, cleaners, roustabouts, and crane operators.
  • Engineers – The most paid jobs in this sector will go to barge engineers, subsea engineers, chemical, petroleum, and chief engineer, but apart from those jobs, each rig must have safety man and medical staff in case of an accident.

Most offshore jobs will require you to work for two weeks and rest for three weeks afterward. It means that you will have ⅗ of your year off on holiday.

At the same time, you will be able to travel various countries that feature high levels of oil such as Kuwait, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, UAE, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, China, Norway and many more.

The typical salaries for drill deck workers are $300 on a daily basis, which means that annual salaries can reach up to $50k More specialized jobs will provide you a higher wage, while drill leaders and supervisors can reach up to $100 grand per year.

Highly technical and professional, engineering position will provide you salary between $70k and $220k per year.

What About Life Offshore

  • You do not have to worry because you will get a pair of safety boots as well as coveralls, safety glasses and a hat that will provide you with additional protection during the drilling process.
  • You have to keep focused and show a right attitude if you wish to work offshore, and that is a fact.
  • In some safety rigs, you will have specified smoking rooms that you can enter but only with specific matches that are safe to use on them. That is not something that you will get with every company.
  • You have to take your gear off entirely and sit in the galley where you will be able to eat meals you got.
  • You can work a night shift too because oil rig is a 24-hour operation.
  • You do not have to upset chef, medic or radio operator, because food, medical attention, and helicopters are the most important things that will surround you.

Every single rig features lifting equipment with a color code, which is the indication that everything is safety tested and safe to operate with it. Have in mind that only items with the current color code should be used.

If you work in the petroleum industry, it is highly forbidden to take weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol and matches when working these jobs. You will get safety matches that you can use for smoking in case that your rig features safety rooms.

Check this website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petroleum_industry to learn more on petroleum industry.

You should also remove electrical equipment as well as batteries before you check in, and if you are going to be transported by helicopter, they could take your mobile device and phone before boarding for safety reasons.

Apart from workers, you will find doctors and catering crews aboard oil rigs. Because of the physical size of platforms, medics and doctors should treat patients suffering from various illnesses and ailments.  It is critical for medical personnel to learn how to diagnose the problem effectively, and have in mind that medical staff will also work 24/7.

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