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Want to install solar panel, know the estimated solar panel price

Solar panels are used to convert sun rays into electricity and can be used in your house as an alternative source of energy. Investing in solar panel might increase your wages for one time, but will help you in next years to reduce your electricity consumption and will able to produce your own electricity for your household or commercial use. You can install the solar panels on your rooftop and can produce your own electricity.

How a solar panel work?

Solar panels have silicon cells in it, these silicon cells convert solar energy into electric energy. The amount of electricity produced depends on the number of silicon cells present in solar plate. Solar plates have a different silicon cell arrangement a single cell or multi cell.

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When are the solar panels effective?

Solar panes are effective in tropical areas where the sun shines brighter whole year. So these are famous in the areas near equator. The solar panels are contributing a large share in electricity production in these areas.

Estimated Solar panel prices

Though the solar panels were out of reach of normal people, but now the solar panel prices fall down and they are affordable to the middle class as well.

Mostly the solar panel price depends on the number of plates you want to install. You can install a single solar plate and test the efficiency of it and also test its results by attaching geezer or any other electric appliance and estimate the power saved due to this. A single plate may cost about 2400 Rubel for a 275 watt plate.

This investment seems to be costly, but going to be very cheaper when you look back and found that you had saved a more electricity than the cost of the plate. Also these are environment friendly.

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