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Renting a House: Better to Use an App or Real Estate Agent?

Here is a choice that seems like a dilemma: when renting a house, is it better to use an app or ask the advice of a real estate agent?

As a fan of technology, the idea of having an application on the smartphone that makes me immediately find the home of my dreams excites me a lot. I bought good houses in Bal Harbour Village Homes and properties as beautiful as Majestic Tower Condos with the help of an app. But then, I stop to think and say, “well, maybe I could use an app like that because I have accumulated a bit of experience in real estate, so I have an eye used to what there is to see and to consider before renting a house, would it be good even for those who do not have this eye?”.

The Advantages of an App

  • The first advantage that comes to mind is the convenience of consultation. I am looking for a house, I take my smartphone, I use the app, I do a search and here is the list of possible properties that are right for me. Then contact the owner and make an appointment.
  • The second advantage is that I do not pay a commission to an agent. I contact the owner, I make an appointment, I do an inspection, I sign the contract, and I do not have any brokerage fees.

For now, I can not think of another advantage, beyond the two already mentioned. I try to see, instead, how many benefits come to mind if I think of a real estate agent.

The Advantages of the Real Estate Agent

  • The first advantage is that you find exactly the house you are looking for without wasting your time. When you want to rent a house, in fact, you have very specific requests and look for one that has certain characteristics. Now, if you use the app and you are looking for yourself, you can visit lots of houses and waste your time before finding the one that’s right for you. A real estate agent, however, already knows which to discard and which one deserves your visit, houses such you can find in Bal Harbour Real Estate.
  • The second advantage is that it knows the prices of the properties well and can help you save money by offering one with a good quality/price ratio. Are you sure the app does this job for you too?
  • The third advantage is that it prepares you the type of contract best suited to your needs and media with the owner to be that and only that the type of contract to be signed.

Technology is the future, I am convinced, and I will always support it. Yet there are cases in which technology can not completely replace human labor, above all it cannot replace its experience and its professionalism.

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