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Points to Consider Before Purchasing Sash Windows

Windows are the eye of every house. Apart from defining the characteristics and individuality of a building a window lets you have the outside view and lets in light inside the house. The sash windows are made of two movable panels named the sashes that slide up and down. One is placed in front of the other balanced by placing weights on the cords. But in the modern sash windows, you will find springs instead of the traditional weights. These sliding sash windows open both from top and bottom. The modern designs are tilt in and out.

Tips on buying new sash windows

  • Assess your need – If you sash window is in proper shape and requires only minor repairs then only part replacement will solve the purpose and help the window restore its functionality.
  • Select the right design – Sash windows are available in different styles of traditional, flush and storm proof. You will get some varieties; you must choose the design as per your individual preference that matches with your home.
  • Material – Wood, glass, paint and lock together completes any sash window. So as per your personalized taste, you should select the timber type, the glass quality the color and quality of paint etc.
  • Selecting the right company – Everyone wants to install the best fitting in their house. So, you should also give the contract to any of the best London sash window supplier. A reputed company like The Original Box Sash Windows Company will always take care of your personal needs and give respect to your ideas. Also, the quality of the material they provide will be guaranteed. They will also provide you with aftercare service whenever required. You can look online for the reviews about the companies and make your selection accordingly.

Practical benefits of sash windows

When sash windows are sealed properly and with proper maintenance, these are one of the best ways to control the air flow and ventilation. This is possible due to the way they open. Even on opening a lot of air slightly can circulate. Now when it comes to the security, sash windows are again considered the best. This is probably the only type of window that can be locked even when it is slightly open. So, you can leave your windows open without worrying about the security factor. Another factor that adds to its security is, the fact that it is made up of multiple panels. This makes impossible for the intruder to get in when the window pane is broken as the bars remain intact.

Why Box Sash Windows

When it is about the security of your home you should trust the best London sash window supplier. Founded in 1979, The Original Box Sash Windows Company is one such company that will win your heart with their innovative craftsmanship and exclusive design. With more than 30 years of experience, you can trust them regarding the quality of the material used. Their durable sash windows inspired from the British design adds to the elegance of your home.

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