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How to Prevent Bedbugs When You Travel a Lot

If you travel a lot, whether for fun or for business, you might have certain concerns. For example, you could be really worried about bringing bedbugs home with you when you return from your travels. This is a legitimate concern, since bedbugs are a pretty big problem in many places. Plus, having bedbugs in your home can be a really unpleasant experience for you and your family. Luckily, even though you cannot completely prevent bedbugs from being a problem when you travel frequently, there are things that you can do to protect yourself and your household. These are a few tips that might help.

Be Careful About Where You Stay

For one thing, you should know that bedbugs can be a problem in any hotel or resort, no matter where you’re staying. Even high-end hotels and resorts are not immune to this global problem. However, higher-end resorts might take complaints about bedbugs more seriously and might take more precautions when it comes to preventing them or detecting them quickly before they spread. Therefore, you might find that you are better off staying at the more reputable hotels, motels and resorts when you travel, if at all possible.

Carefully Inspect the Room

No matter where you’re staying, it’s always important to do your own inspection for bedbugs when you’re staying in a hotel. There are a lot of guides online that can show you how to do this. Generally, you’re going to want to at least remove the sheets from the corners of the mattresses and carefully check for bedbug eggs and other signs of an infestation. If you notice any signs of bedbugs in the hotel, then it’s important for you to contact someone from the front desk immediately so that you can change rooms.

Be Careful About Where You Place Your Luggage

Until you have had a chance to carefully check over the room for bedbugs, consider putting your luggage in the bathroom. Since there is generally tile flooring or another hard flooring in hotel bathrooms, it is less likely that there will be bedbugs in this area of the room or suite, even if there is an infestation. Even after checking for bedbugs, consider putting your luggage on the luggage rack, away from the bed. This can help prevent any bedbugs that might be present in the room from hitching a ride on your luggage.

Take Precautions at Home

Along with taking precautions against bedbugs when you’re traveling, you should take precautions at home as well. Carefully check over luggage before bringing it into your home and wash any dirty clothing as soon as you get home. Additionally, working with a professional for an occasional bedbug treatment Lexington KY can help you get rid of any bedbugs that might be present and can help you prevent this problem in the future; this is something that a good pest control professional can help you with.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do if you would like to prevent bedbugs in your home when you’re a frequent traveler. Even though you might not be able to completely prevent them, taking these steps can help. Then, you can help ensure that you aren’t greeted by itchy, biting bugs each time that you arrive home from a trip.

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