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How To Maximise Storage Space In Your Garage

If you own a garage, you’ll know how easy it is for it to just turn into a dumping ground for all the things you clear out of your house, garden bits, camping equipment, tools, and goodness knows what else.

Unless you are organised from the get-go, you may find that your garage is just stuffed full of stuff and you’ve no idea where anything is or piled up so that you can’t get to things from the back for love nor money.

If you need to actually store a car in your garage as well as all your other bits and bobs, there comes a point at which you really need to make better use of the space so that you don’t need to worry about not being able to open your door and get out. Even if you don’t, it still makes sense to maximise the storage space available to you, after all, a garage is a prime piece of real estate that not everybody is lucky enough to have!

We spoke to Lock Up Garages who rent out garages to those who need a bit of extra storage or parking space, and they gave us a few ideas. So if you’re struggling to figure out how to maximise the space in your own garage, here are a few tips!


So before you start building storage units or finding homes for everything, you’ll need to decide what you really need to keep. There’s no point storing every single thing in your garage as no doubt plenty of the things you’re storing you don’t actually use or need.

You might even be able to sell some of your unwanted junk, eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great for shifting things like old furniture and unwanted hockey kits, and the buyers will even come and take things off your hands which is great news if you don’t want to have to hire a van and take things to the tip.

Consider donating anything you can’t sell, or just if you’d like to help out a good cause. Some collect bulky items too or have convenient drop off points.

Install a pegboard

Pegboards are absolutely wonderful for storing bits in the garage. They’re extremely versatile and you can hang all sorts of tools and gadgets up, in a way that is easy to see exactly what you’ve got. You can use brackets and baskets and hooks which means you can store plenty of different types of things on a pegboard.

Build some cabinets

Building yourself some nice cabinets to store all of the things that can’t be hung on the wall is a great way to make use of all of the available space. You can make them fit the space much better if you build them yourself, but of course, buying and installing units is another option if you can’t quite be bothered.

Simple cube systems work really well, as you can put storage boxes in them or just put things straight in if that’s more practical, which makes them really versatile. It’s definitely better than just stacking boxes on the floor as you’ll be able to get to everything much easier!

Add overhead storage

There are lots of different ways to make use of overhead space in a garage, but a few we like include this box storage system in this roundup here, or this clever storage solution made from PVC pipes!

Overhead storage is a good way to make use of the storage in your garage but still be able to fit a car in underneath. Just make sure you fix everything securely so the whole lot doesn’t come crashing down and do your car some serious damage!

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