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How to make your whole office comfortable:

Being comfortable should be the first priority of yours. It does not matter if you work from home or office, you should feel comfortable. You must be self-employed or you have started your own small business from home. You know that working from home is not that easy. Less space and non-working environment could be the biggest distraction during work. But there are few ways that make office space more comfortable. We can say that by adding few of the office furniture can bring comfort to your home office space.

Always invest your money to buy comfort:

 Investing money in comfort means purchasing furniture that is good for your health and provides you comfort. Chair is the most important furniture that is mostly used by an individual while working. Chair is the primary need of every work. Do invest in ultra-soft and comfortable chair. For comfortable chair, ergonomic chair is the best option and highly recommended. Don’t waste your time on searching for good option. Ergonomic chairs are pocket friendly and will be your long-term investment. Instead of investing in a cheap chair, make a sensible choice.

Light color combination can lighten the room:

It is true that Office design[ออกแบบออฟฟิศ, which is the term in Thai] plays an important role. What to do if your office has a good design but bad lightning? Dark light and color combination usually darken the room and make it congested. Try to maximize the lightning and use natural shade. Here word natural shades refer to sun light especially. If you are working from home try to take a room with plenty of windows and natural light. Natural light will lighten your room and will give fresh feeling. Most of the setup of home office are in basement with no windows and fresh natural light, That’s why you must try to use nudes and shuttle color shade to lighten the room.


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