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How To Finance For Your Solar Panels In Florida

Getting up to 128 days of uninterrupted sunlight each year, Florida is assertively the best US destination for solar energy enthusiasts. Living here gives you a terrific opportunity to exploit the untapped sunlight constructively. Solar energy is a natural resource, so it is tax-free. Also, it’s environmentally friendly, pocket-friendly and reliable. The only real trouble with tapping sunlight and converting it to usable electrical energy is the high cost of solar panels. It’s no doubt solar panels have reduced in price over the years, but still, the price is unmanageable for many. The birth of Bisonroofing.com has shone new dawn in Florida. Homeowners and business operators can now afford even the costliest solar systems through their streamlined financing solutions.

If the idea of adding a solar system to your premise has been roaming your mind for some time, but the thought of the high solar panel cost has always made it fade away sooner than you imagined, it’s now the best time to put your idea into practice. Bisonroofing.com provides you with three customized financing options, which reflect the financial needs of every buyer. In short, here are the safest and most reliable ways for financing for solar panels.

  • PACE Financial

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. It’s a solar panels payment program that makes it possible for you to access a solar installation loan and pay it later together with your existing property tax.  It is ideal for those nursing the idea of selling their homes then considering the loan is property-based.

Getting this loan to install your dream solar panels will end up increasing your property tax payments for up to 25 years depending on the loan amount given.  The loan comes at a very reasonable interest rate and does not require any down payment. It also gives you an opportunity to request 30% tax credit.

  • Cash Payment

Some people hate loans, which is not an offense since everyone has their preferences. If you happen to be one of these people, cash payment is another excellent way to finance for your solar panels’ installation.  This payment option requires you to have the finances ready to cater to all the installation costs. Bison Roofing and Solar Company require you pay 10% down payment for the installation process to begin and you pay the remaining amount once the project is complete. With this financing option, no issues with monthly payments or an increase in your property tax payment.

  • Unsecured Financing

Bisonroofing.com has a reliable connection with a large network of unsecured loan providers all over Florida. Together, they aim to make it possible for you to install your dream solar system without needing to pay anything as down payment.  This financing option allows you to remunerate your 30% tax credit to repay for the loan.  The amount you will pay and the period you will need to pay will depend on your credit rating. The problem with this kind of solar installation financial option is that the loan is not property-based, so it accrues on your debts.


With the many incentives linked to financing for solar panels today, it’s no doubt the best time to install a solar system. Bison Roofing and Solar are here to make the installation process as streamlined and easy as possible. Our experts will advise you on the best financing option that accrues on your debts and ruins your credit rating.

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