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Five Best Home Security Systems 2017

Securing your home is an essential priority that owners seek to achieve. A good way to resolve the issue is getting reputable providers. Each one offers a system and tools to protect your property and valuables. Here are the five best home security systems that can help address your needs in 2017.


ADT provides customers with wireless security monitoring services. One of the advantages of using the system is that it allows for mobile integration. It means that you can control your security system through mobile or device with internet connection. Also, the company offers different guarantees such as theft protection and relocation discount. The system also has six monitoring centers that dispatch emergency responders when the alarm activates. However, ADT does not offer a trial period and requires long contracts for customers.

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Front point

Front point is one of the trusted names in providing quality and innovative solutions to homeowners. One of its strengths is the positive feedback that customers provide as the company customizes unique plans for clients. Also, the company offers crash & smash protection which assures you of emergency response. The company’s DIY approach to installation demonstrates user-friendliness. The only drawback is that the Frontpoint only offers a warranty of 3 years for its equipment.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive is another viable company that keeps people’s’ home protected. The company is known for its strong customer service. The takeover program is another cost-effective service where Link allows people to transfer from another security system and use the same equipment. Link also provides crash & smash coverage for different plans including damages from fire and environmental disasters. Moreover, the availability of coverage in all plans makes it a viable option for people with a budget. The drawback of Link comes from the limited warranty of its equipment.

Protect America

You can also choose Protect America as your security system. The company is famous for its cost-effective security solutions. Specifically, it has low upfront costs and offers lifetime warranty for its equipment. So if you are a budget conscious homeowner, then the services are worth exploring. The company also provides vehicle tracking capabilities. Since some of the essential services come cheap, the issue with that is some packages do not offer monitoring capabilities using a mobile phone.


Finally, Vivint provides homeowners the chance to experience innovation. The company uses recent advancements in automation that provides transform your home to a smart security system. Equally, the company also boasts professional installation for free as their technicians plan proper placement based on house design. Its use of new technology also allows the company to lower the cost of energy consumption. Since Vivint offers new technology, their monthly pricing is relatively higher compared to other competitors.

Bottom Line

The companies above are some of the best home security systems available in the market today. If you are trying to get a new one or have your old system replaced, make sure to review and research each company’s capabilities. Learn to ask questions and consider aligning decisions to your lifestyle, needs, and budget. These ideas can help you become a discerning buyer and get the most out of your money.

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