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Different types of faucets that you can use

Nowadays, you can use different designs in kitchen faucet to give a vibrant feel to your kitchen. Before you choose any faucet for your kitchen, you should know the different types of faucets that are available in the market. By using the different types of faucets, you can make your kitchen work very convenient.

Here is the list of different faucet types for your kitchen-

Ball faucet Рit is the common type of faucet that is used in kitchen.  They usually come in single lever, which is mounted by round shaped cap. The level is controlled by the metal ball inside the faucet body. These types of faucets can be also used as wall mount bathroom faucet. These types of faucet tend to leak more due to ball failures.

Disk faucet – these types of faucets are developed using the latest technology. They are capable of delivering both warm and cold water type. The temperature can be controlled by rotation of handle side to side. These faucets are considered as the most durable and reliable for long term use.

Few faucet types that you can use in your bathroom

Spread fit – this type of bathroom faucet uses three stick handles. For giving the unique style to your kitchen you can use black bathroom faucets. They will give you a modern type of look to your bathroom.

Bridge – in this, faucet is situated on the surface of sink by two connected taps. These two connected taps are used to control hot and cold water run. These are used to give a beautiful design to your bathroom, they are also known for giving a classic feel to the bathroom.

Wall mounted – if you want to make more use of the given space in bathroom then you should go for wall mounted faucet. They can be attached over your sink very easily.

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