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Common Stains and How to Avoid/Treat Them

Staining is pretty inevitable when you have carpeting and upholstery. 


While they are certainly not the same thing, wine and blood stains are notoriously the most difficult stains to remove from upholstery and carpeting, once they have set in.  Fortunately, they can be easy to remove if they are still fresh—which is pretty much the case for most stains.

Over time, though, blood will react with the oxygen in the air and turn a brownish color that is harder to remove.  Similarly, wine inherently possesses dying properties that can soak into fabric over time.

To remove wine and blood stains from carpet and upholstery, it is important to use the proper chemicals, Unimanix.com products, and techniques.


Not all food stains are created equally: some are easier to remove than others. To keep it simple, then, you should know that grease, in particular, can be very hard to remove.  The most common food stains tend to be greasy (or oily) and include gravy, curry, and baby food!  Also, food coloring—whether artificial or natural—has quite the reputation for staining upholstery and carpeting.


While you may not have intended to use sticky tape on carpeting or upholstery, if you use it in your home or office, there is a chance that some of it can fall to the floor. And if it does, it will definitely get stuck in the fibers of the carpet and that will be hell when it comes time to clean.


Even if you are very careful to avoid stains, there is always a chance that things can fall into the carpet or upholstery. It is quite difficult to control every aspect of everything that can happen in your home or your office, so in addition to taking extra special care to avoid stains, here are some things you can also do to minimize the damage caused by stains:

  • Use darker colored carpets and upholstery if you have children or pets (as they have a higher proclivity for causing stains and dark colors can hide stains better)
  • Use a sofa cover to protect from spills and other stains, especially during parties/gatherings, etc
  • Only perform activities on carpets or upholstery that would not potentially soil them (avoid/minimize eating and drinking, etc)
  • Use fabric guard (sprays, etc) regularly: they work best when fresh and can diminish from friction, sunlight, etc

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