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Cleaner air for healthier you and your family

The polluted atmosphere makes for the low air quality of the city.  The things are made worse by the clogging of the air ducts and the chimney of the house. In the winter, the problem is further elevated as the usage of the chimney increases to many times. Due to cold air which is heavier than hot air, hot air is not allowed to go to the atmosphere. Hence, the polluted air remains in the ambience, making us inhale the polluted air. You can go for air duct and dryer vent cleaning to ensure that your home is free from the presence of carbon monoxide in air.

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Services provided by the duct cleaning companies

  • Dryer vent cleaning: It has been reported that the clogging of the vent of the dryer is one of the major causes of fire in the house as the hot air is forced through the vent of the dryer which dries the clothes in the tub, but after sometime the lint gets deposited in the vent. The narrowing of the vent does not allow the hot air to reach the tub and hence resulting in excess heating of the machine and finally excess heating could give rise to fire in the house. So, cleaning of the vent not only improves the performance of the dryer but also reduces the risk of fire in the house.
  • Air duct cleaning: The dirty air ducts could give rise to many respiratory diseases and it could raise the problem of the asthma patients. Generally, the air duct cleaning companies go for one time cleaning of the duct but the bacteria’s which are present in the duct remain there and continue to pollute the air. Good companies go for the double cleaning of the ducts. They do go for the sanitization of the duct to ensure that you have the pure and clean air to breathe.

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