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Calculating your Lawn’s Square Footage For Your Synthetic Grass Purchase

Many homeowners are not aware of the size of their lawn area before buying synthetic grass and lawn care products. Oftentimes, this lead to a very helpless feeling about making the purchasing decisions, buying the wrong product amount, inconsistent results, and misapplication. Knowing the lawn size is the basic principal of the measure lawn care, which is environmentally sensitive.

To determine the right amount of lawn care products needed for your project, you should first calculate your lawn’s square footage. You can contact Australian Synthetic Lawns at http://www.australiansyntheticlawns.com.au or read on for more information.

Getting Started

To get the square footage, simply multiply the Height by the width of the area to be covered in your project. If you lawn isn’t a perfect square or rectangle, be sure to measure the widest area of the lawn as well as longest part in order to ensure that you will get enough products to completely cover your lawn.

 In terms of your golf turf rolls, keep in mind that most of our products are 12 ft. wide instead of 15 ft. wide. In order for you to calculate the overall cost of the synthetic grass, just multiply the overall square footage of artificial turf required by the price per square foot.

For example: A 600 sq. ft. lawn will cost $1,386.00 at $2.31 per square foot. (600 sq. ft. x $2.31 = $1,386.00). If you need any questions to be answered or help measuring your lawn’s square footage, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To give you a much better idea on how to calculate the square footage of your lawn, here’s a step-by-step process for you:

  1. For the use accurate measurement, use a tape measure. But if you don’t have one available, you can possibly use the step-method in order to acquire a good estimate.
  2. First, pace off the distances and get the sum of the number of steps
  3. You can place down a tape measure to know what you normal step is measure in feet. Practice a little on whatever comfortable length of step you can take and check your distances from time to time.
  4. Convert the number of steps you have taken to your well-calibrated measurement in feet by simply multiply the step by the distance of each step in feet. (Example: 22 steps taken at 3 feet/step will be equal to 66 ft.
  5. Multiply each of the area as needed based to its shape in order to convert them to square feet.
  6. Sum up their individual areas in order to acquire the lawn’s total square feet area.

Ultimately, draw a simple diagram that will show your house and each of the lawn section together with the overall square feet of each area. This diagram will come in handy in both applying and purchasing your lawn products. In this way, you will be able to save yourself from a very helpless situation when purchasing your lawn care products as you are aware of your lawn, whether your lawn is a perfect or non-perfect square or rectangle.

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