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Advantages of Basement Renovations

There are many options available to you when you wish to increase the amount of living space available in your home.  You may find that the decision regarding which is best for you is decided by other factors, such as limited space for an extension or conservatory.  Or you might have already converted the loft space.

One extension that is often overlooked is basement renovations.  The space below your house is generally large and can be constructed into a large additional living area, a self-contained apartment, or simply a set of extra rooms.  In fact, it is a very practical way to extend your home and you will see several advantages of adopting basement renovations:


The first thing to note about man with a van london is that they do not usually require planning permission.  This is because they are already inside your home and it will look no different from the outside.  Of course, if your plans involve changing windows or even adding them then you will probably need to verify that this is acceptable.

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Large Space

The basement is a large space!  This is often underappreciated because basements are traditionally the junk room of the house.  Combine this with poor lighting and you have a space which feels small.  However, the basement is generally the same size as your lower floor; this means you can add an entire extra floor to your home for a very reasonable fee.


Once you have measured out the basement space you will be able to draw and visualize your basement renovations project.  In fact, one of the best things about this method of expanding your home is that the design is entirely up to you.  This does not normally happen when you are redoing a room or even building an extension; it is usually only one room deep.

Basement renovations can be designed to be open spaces or lots of smaller rooms; the choice is yours depending on what you intend to do with the space.


Another excellent advantage of basement renovations is that they will add value to your home.  Of course, there will be a cost associated with completing the build.  This will vary depending on which firm you use and how much of the work you are prepared to do yourself.

If you are considering basement renovations simply to add value then you will need to compare the cost of the renovations with the increase in value.  If, however, you simply wish to create additional space this becomes less important.

Do It Yourself

Because the basement walls are already there you will be creating spaces via the use of stud walls.  This is surprisingly easy to create and allows you to hide any electrics or even plumbing parts.  This makes it possible for a good DIY person to undertake basement renovations themselves; providing they adhere to the relevant building codes.  This can make the job and finished project more personal and more satisfying as well as dramatically reducing the cost of the work.

Of course, basement renovations undertaken by yourself will take longer to finish and you should prepare yourself for this!

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